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QUICKPASS has been an established company for over 22 yrs, all our instructors are dsa approved and dedicated in getting all candidates through there driving test as quick as is humanly possible.

Our intensive driving courses range from 1 to 6 week courses, all courses are stuctured to suit the individuals needs. By booking your practical test in advance then doing the course up to the actual test is showing how committed we are in getting our pupils through there test quickly.quick pass also offer quick retest courses if you have just recently failed your driving test which we call a mini course.for those pupils wanting to do single lessons on a pay as you learn plan this is also available and is also very affective if having 2 to 3 single lessons a week.

QUICKPASS driving school deal with a wide range of people wanting to learn to drive..
urgently from students to people who may need to pass quickly for a job etc.we at QUICKPASS aim to provide a service thats a quick and efficient way of you obtaining your uk driving licences with professional driving tuition on a one to one basis.a deposit is paid for the course on your first lesson which will be an assessment of your driving.then the balance is paid in full on the next lesson, all lessons are booked in advance so you and the instuctor have your driving lessons booked right up to your test.